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Your First Visit

You are making a great choice

Thinking about becoming a new The Dental Studio patient? We’re grateful that you’ve chosen us as your source for the best dental solutions and service in Lake Oswego. Our friendly team of dental experts is ready and waiting to provide you with the brightest and healthiest smile possible while ensuring your dental health remains in tip-top shape!

Our Philosophy

The Dental Studio recognizes that many people do not have positive associations with the idea of “going to the dentist”. Our primary pupose is to reverse the negative stereotypes associated with dentistry. We achieve this goal by combining the highest levels of customer service and utilizing the latest technologies available that make dental care more comfortable and minimize your number of visits.

What sets us apart: Minimally Invasive Dentistry

At The Dental Studio it is our core belief that, if given the choice, most people would prefer to have less surgical care than more. Yet historically in dentistry we have been a very reactionary profession. Generally speaking, we would wait for cavities to develop, we would “drill and fill” then wait for it to crack 10-20 years later and grind it down for a crown. Occasionally this would then lead to the need for a root canal which further destroys the tooth. This was not a recipe for success! Thankfully, due in great part to many advanced technologies, the days of waiting for decay to occur are over.

Now through the process of “bioluminescence” we can help you understand your risk for decay long before cavities ever form. If you are found to be at high risk for decay we can treat your mouth with neutralizing rinses that not only freshen your breath, but kill off the bacteria that cause decay!

Minimally Invasive Dentistry is not just about stopping decay, however. Technology is now allowing us to understand your risk for gum disease before you have bone loss or inflammation. Preventing gum disease not only improves the chances that you’ll keep your teeth, but it helps decrease your risk for other health-related issues such as heart disease, stroke and diabetes.

This is a concept that follows a general common-sense belief that understanding risk for disease is far more effective than monitoring for symptoms of disease. Or more commonly stated: An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

The Best of the Best!

We believe that when you are educated about your oral health issues, you will pick the best treatment options for yourself. That is why at The Dental Studio you will always be treated by the best staff in the industry who have your goals in mind.

We will consistently provide for you the best quality treatment available using the best materials. You deserve nothing less! The only way to truly appreciate what we mean is to experience it for yourself.